Escape box Karrewiel
Find the key for the Escapebox Karrewiel
Young woman tries to open the old chest - Escape Box Karrewiel
GPS escapetour - cryptex - Escape the city Delft


Escapebox Karrewiel

The most fun alternative for the famous Escape Room. This game is very suitable for company outings and family parties. In this fun and hip game, you are not locked up in a room, but you are chained to a chest. The purpose of the game is to free you from the Escapebox, this can be done by solving all the puzzles, together with your team, under guidance of a supervisor. Are you ready to accept the challenge and free yourself from the Escapebox Karrewiel?

The Escapebox can nicely be combined with a GPS Escapetour. In the Escapetour game, you are walking with a Cryptex (known from ‘The Da Vinci Code’) and a GPS-system. During this hunt (a nice walk through Delft) you have to collect letters that will enable you to open the Cryptex


Price per package for 10 persons: € 210,00

Price per package for 20 persons: € 335,00

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