Sinterklaas loopt over de daken in de maneschijn
Sinterklaas strooigoed - kruidnoten, chocolade letter, schoen met peen, pakje
Mijter, staf en het grote boek van Sinterklaas - Sinterklaas arrangement Gasterij 't Karrewiel
Strooigoed van Sinterklaas waaronder kruidnoten en chocolade munten - Sinterklaas arrangement Gasterij 't Karrewiel


Sinterklaas face
Tafel barbecue
De Spelerij

Sint Nicolas arrangement

On December 5th Sint Nicolas will visit ‘t Karrewiel



Including 1 hour of bowling
€ 29,95 per person
€ 25,95 per person
Children age 6 to 12
€ 15,95 per person
Children up to age 5


We are sorry that our arrangement is only available in Dutch language currently.

Please contact us by phone or email for more information.




SteengrillenStone grill

Stone grilling is grilling meat and vegetables on a stone that’s 300 degrees C hot. It is a great way to grill where the meat and vegetables are grilled in a fast way which means that the food becomes is very tender when it comes off the stone. To prevent the meat and vegetables to stick on the hot stone, the stone is sprinkled with salt before.



Nice old fashioned ‘gourmetting’ with small pans. Because the pans are so small, the grill possibilities are endless. You can not only grill the meat and vegetables, but children can also make pancakes in them. Gourmetting is ideal for people on a diet or who have an allergy because the food doesn’t get in contact with other food, because of the small pan.


BarbecueTable barbecue

We transport that summer feeling to the inside with our new table barbecue. This barbecue gives great flavour to your meat and vegetables. Because of the charcoal cartridges, you get the real barbecue flavour that you know from outside barbecuing and even without the smoke.


SpiderpanGrill pan

Because of the non-stick coating and the riveted bonded matrix in this grillpan, the use of oil or butter is not necessary. The excess fat of the meat will be drained through a hole in the middle of the pan. With this way of grilling, the meat stays extra juicy and is prepared in a low-fat way. This way of low-fat grilling will surprise you.


FondueCheese fondue & raclette

You can choose between different kinds of cheese fondue, meat fondue or fish fondue. We also offer real Swiss Raclette! You can prepare and make the different season-vegetables surprisingly tasty. Fondue can be easily combined with grilling and is very suitable for vegetarians.

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