Bowling lanes and seats - Route directions - Gasterij 't Karrewiel


Driving directions

Route 1 Exit Delft

After the exit, you turn in the direction of Delft (Oostpoortweg). At the second traffic light (T-crossing) you turn right (Stalpaert v.d. Wieleweg). At the next traffic lights, you continue straight until the next traffic lights. Then you turn left (Maria Duystlaan), you cross the bridge over the canal (Koepoortbrug) and immediately after the bridge you turn right (Oosterstraat). You continue straight until a traffic island blocks your way, that’s where you turn left and then right onto Paardenmarkt.


Route 2 Exit Delft-Noord (Recommended for coaches)

On A13 take exit 8, "Delft Noord”. You now drive onto Vrijebanselaan and you keep to the left. Turn left at the traffic lights and continue onto Vrijebanselaan. You are driving parallel to the tram track. At the 3-way intersection with traffic lights, turn left once more. Follow the road (you will pass some traffic lights where you keep going straight) until you cross a bridge with a tram track in the middle. Keep left. At the traffic lights, turn left onto Nieuwe Plantage. Follow the road that will automatically bend to the right onto Paardenmarkt. Here you will find some parking spots for coaches.

Download the map with route descriptions from Exit Delft Noord.


Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel is situated at the Paardenmarkt, a historical square and the only large parking lot in Delft’s inner-city. You can also park your car in the Koepoort-garage or in one of the surrounding areas like the Bomenwijk. From there, Gasterij 't Karrewiel is a 7-minute walk away.