Grilling meat on a barbecue - Wednesday Night Fever Package Gasterij 't Karrewiel
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Grilled meat on a hot stone - Wednesday Night Fever Package Gasterij 't Karrewiel
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Budget Grill package

Delicious and good old-fashioned fun

Every Thursday *

Main dish

The Budget Grill package includes 1 hour of bowling and a Grill dinner with a choice of a sophisticated combination of stone grilling, gourmet, barbecuing or grilling on the Spiderpan. Various types of meat, vegetables, salad and crispy fries are served at the table for grilling.


(adults: + € 4,50 p.p, children: + € 3,25)

Expand your dinner with a very varied dessert buffet, including different flavors of ice cream, a chocolate fountain and various sweet variations.



Every Thursday *

Including 1 hour of bowling!

€ 24,95 per person
Children 6 up to 12 years
€ 16,95 per person
Children up to 5 years
no charge


* On Monday to Wednesday, the Budget Grill package is only for groups of 30 people or more. On Thursday you are already welcome from 4 people.


Grill options

SteengrillenStone grill

Stone grilling is a delicious way of grilling. Before the grilling takes place, the stone is sprinkled with salt. This prevents the meat and vegetables from sticking to the hot stone. The temperature of the stone on which the meat and vegetables are grilled is 300 degrees C. The meat and the vegetables become nice and tender because they are grilled very fast on the hot stone.



We all know “gourmetting”, a fun way to grill using small pans. Probably because it is so delicious and there are endless options. Not only meat and vegetables can be prepared in the pans, but children become real chefs baking small hamburgers and pancakes. With gourmet, the food does not get in contact with other food and that’s why it is ideal for people with an allergy or on a diet.


BarbecueTable barbecue

A real charcoal barbecue, the one we use outside the house, but this one is used inside and is smoke free as well! Because of the pressed charcoal cartridges, the meat and vegetables get that real original barbecue flavour. Will you join us getting that summer feeling inside.


SpiderpanGrill pan

Because of the non-stick coating and the riveted bonded matrix in this grillpan, the use of oil or butter is not necessary. The excess fat of the meat will be drained through a hole in the middle of the pan. With this way of grilling, the meat stays extra juicy and is prepared in a low-fat way. This way of low-fat grilling will surprise you.


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