Lunch table with croissants - Gasterij 't Karrewiel
Basket of bread and a big cheese in the background - Gasterij 't Karrewiel
Lunch table with croissants, meat and blue berries - Gasterij 't Karrewiel
Lunch table - Gasterij 't Karrewiel
Various types of bread - Gasterij 't Karrewiel


Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel offers various lunches, you can choose for a Lunch Buffet, Coffee table or for our new lunch ‘Karrewiel’.


The Lunch Buffet

The lunch buffet starts off with a homemade soup of the day, after the soup you can choose, at our buffet, from a range of delicious bread rolls, various kinds of fillings and sweets. At the lunch, coffee, tea, milk and butter milk are included. There is also the possibility to have, as an extra, a croquette or an omelet.



Price for adults: € 15,45 per person

Price children age 6 to12: € 6,50 per child

Price children up to age 5: Free


The Coffee Table

Do you prefer to stay seated while having lunch? In that case the Coffee table will suit you. Everything will be served at the table. This lunch includes homemade soup of the day, a variety of tasty rolls, various kinds of fillings and sweets, coffee, tea, milk and butter milk. There is also the possibility to have, as an extra, a croquette or an omelet with the Coffee Table.



Price for adults: € 16,45 per person

Price for children age 6 to 12: € 7,95 per child

Price for children up to age 5: Free


Lunch Karrewiel

Lunch Karrewiel got its fame in 2017 because of its extensive choice of wonderful, luxurious rolls at an affordable price.

‘Lunch Karrewiel’ starts off with a delicious homemade soup. After that, you have the choice between 3 sorts of bread rolls and 5 sorts of filling.


You can choose between an Italian Roll, a White Pistolet or a Korn Roll:

1. "Gezond" with farmers ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, egg, raw vegetables and honey mustard dressing

2. Warm ham on the bone with honey mustard sauce and arugula

3. Pulled Pork with coleslaw and bbq sauce

4. Caprese with mozzarella, basil, arugula, tomato, pesto and pine nuts

5. 2 Croquettes of the famous Dutch brand ‘van Dobben’


Lunch Karrewiel includes 1x coffee, tea or milk



Price per person: € 13,45


Children's play area "De Spelerij"

While you are having lunch, children can play in our Play Area ‘De Spelerij’. Under our supervision they can play video games, make drawings, lounge in the tv-corner or get dressed up.

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